About Me

Hello..! I am Dr. R. Stylemon Pillai, Physical Education Teacher, working in Atomic Energy Central School No.- 2 (Atomic Energy Education Society), Anushaktinagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra. I developed this website to promote physical culture and non-sedentariness among students and others. This website has different pages of exercises, yoga, sports, brain games, puzzles etc.. My aims is to promote physical literacy and mental development as a joyful learning experience.

I am employed as a trained Graduate Teacher SS (Physical Education) joined Atomic Energy Central School No.-2, Mumbai [AEES] in 2003 after completion of Bachelors and Masters of Physical Education from Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education [LNCPE], Sports Authority of India [SAI], Trivandrum in 1998 and 2001 respectively.

I impart an awareness of physical culture in students by engaging them regularly in various physical activities.

I was the Associate NCC Officer for Boys Army wing for AEC Schools in Mumbai. I motivate students to join NCC to inculcate discipline, leadership and ideal of selfless service. I played a pivotal role in introducing Scouts and Guides in AEC Schools, Mumbai by framing guidelines and detailed reports.

I am a qualified Athletics Coach and a National technical Official in Athletics. I spot talent early and nurture sporting abilities of students such that they can take up different sports and games. I coach students personally to help them achieve excellence in various State and National level tournaments.

I have always been trying to strengthen my skills to serve the student community with effective guidance and counsel. In this regard, I enrolled myself and successfully completed courses in Student Psychology. I counsel academically weak students and students from poor socio-economic background and children with special abilities to help them face the school life confidently, thus improving their attendance, enrolment in various activities and overall academic performance.

I am instrumental in organization and co-ordination of Swachhta Abhiyaan, International Day of Yoga, Summer Sports Coaching Camps, DAE Sports competitions, Vigilance Awareness week, Communal harmony week, Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations to bring students and local community together.

I am a firm believer in holistic development of students through various community outreach programs like blood donation camps, environmental awareness campaigns, interactions with law enforcement agencies, donation of food and materials at orphanages etc. These efforts aim to equip students to grow up as responsible citizens.

In order to upgrade myself professionally, I enrolled and successfully completed a Ph.D in Physical Education ( “Effects of Plyometric and Complex training on Drop Off Time and Selected Fitness Components among Runners”). I conducted various studies to improve Athletic performance as part of my research. These studies have been published in three reputed International journals.

I am passionate about acquiring new skills and knowledge to serve the student community. I have been updating my knowledge continuously by enrolling in courses on Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Sports Sciences, Yoga, Psychology, Counselling, Wellness, Nutrition, women-empowerment etc.

I always strive to enhance my value as a teacher driven by a passion to serve my organization and the community at large.

I am an ardent believer in the adoption of E-learning methods. I have prepared various audio-visual tutorials and spearheaded the development of Multilingual apps on Physical Education. I have also created a futuristic learning application on Physical Education employing Augmented Reality to give students an experience of blended learning.