Dear Children, Table Tennis is a highly technical sport. If you fail to master the fundamental techniques of the game, you are likely to seriously disadvantage yourself, as you attempt to improve your level of play and move up to a higher level. Good technique is efficient.A teaching aid was made out of waste plastic tubes/materials to train Table tennis players in all levels of proficiency (Novice, Beginners/ Inter-mediate/Advanced). This tool is fixed above the table tennis net on two plastic poles. The height of this tool may be adjusted to suit different levels of play and can be used to demonstrate perfect service, forehand drive, backhand drive, backhand push and forehand push, return of serve and match play. Mastering a solid technique can give you more power, more spin, more control, faster movement and quicker strokes. It adds that extra level of ‘quality’ to your game. There are many reasons we perform drills in our table tennis practice and drills have a number of benefits. For starters, they are extremely versatile. There are drills to work on your movement, accuracy, speed, power, consistency, technique, timing, and so on. In this sense, most aspects of table tennis can be practiced in some form under the umbrella term of “drills”.